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Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Del Valle de Pojoaque is your friendly Roman Catholic Parish in the country. It has a rich cultural history of bridging many cultures and ways of life by loving God and serving each other. We are very inclusive and have an outreach, program or class for different needs. Please consider getting involved in the life of the church and make a difference with your life!

I love you,

Monsignor Jerome

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Our Parish

Whether you are a Catholic or not, our arms are open with love, and you can come rejoice with us for the many gifts that our Lord has given.

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Our Churches

Our uniquely constructed churches are located throughout the Pojoaque Valley and contain magnificent artwork such as Santos and Retablos.

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Curious about events in our parish such as Baptisms, First Holy Communions, Holy Days, Religious Trips, Special Events, and Weddings?

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Learn more about the church with our educational programs and grow into the teachings of our Savior by helping to fulfill our sacramental journeys.

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Father's Desk

Read, listen, and watch as Monsignor teaches us the catholic history of New Mexico and our culturalistic roles in the past and future.

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Learn about our prayer groups, charities, societies, and substance abuse groups such as alcoholics anyonymous.

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