The following lectures were recorded while Monsignor was Pastor of Santa Maria de la Paz in Santa Fe from the series:

The Lord and New Mexico
A Series of Historical Lectures

The Rev. Msgr. Jerome J. Martinez

Coloninization and the Pueblo Revolt

Learn about when and where New Mexico was first colonized by the Spaniards. During these times, the Pueblo Revolt occured, and the Spaniards were exiled from Santa Fe to El Paso. It was in 1692 that Don Diego Devargas helped to resettle Santa Fe by forging a strong bond between the Native Americans and the Spaniards. Click Here to learn more about The Pueblo Revolt.

Spanish and Native American Influence

This lecture explains the Spaniard and Native American influence on New Mexican cutlure. After the reconicliation in 1692, the lessons learned by the New Mexican culture helped to strengthen the family bonds through marriage, through extended family, and through ”Padrinos”.

Jean-Baptiste Lamy

Learn about the first Archbishop of New Mexico, Jean-Baptiste Lamy. Originally from France, he was known as a great builder of the Roman Catholic church. He built churches, schools, and hospitals, as well as imported large numbers of religious orders to New Mexico. Also, learn about the importance of the railroad, and why the town of Lamy was named after the Archbishop. Click Here to learn more about Jean Baptiste Lamy.


This lecture exemplifies the importance of the vocations of priesthood throughout the region. There was a lack of priests in the early days of New Mexico. During the absence of a priest in many communities, the ”Penitentes” would pray in the ”Moradas” the rosary, scriptures, and devotions. New Mexicans would find ways to keep their faith strong and alive.

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